A Night In 97

‘A Night In 97’ follows Bertie Oldcross, Labour's candidate for Scarborough and Whitby, and his campaign manager Simon, in the final two days of the UK general election 1997. Bertie is heading for a sure victory before the pair commit a crime on the eve of polling day. Knowing the potential repercussions of this going public before voting opens, they embark on an overnight cover up operation in the hope of averting these outcomes, but will the morality of their actions become too much for the men to bear?

Worldwide sales represented by 7&7 - info@7and7.co.uk

Lead Cast

Roger Ringrose                 Ryan Early

Festival News

Film completed Jan 2020

Currently submitting to 2020 festivals

Shortly after shooting, A Night In 97 was selected to screen a teaser at the

Works In Progress Event

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019

Production Stills

Production Companies: The Evil Corporation & Lakeside Pictures

Worldwide Sales: 7&7 Sales 

Produced by: Davide Marangoni, Sébastien Blanc

Co-produced by: Stephen Gates

Directed by: Sam Prudence

Written by: Sam Prudence, Jamie Touche

Cinematography: Jamie Touche

Production Design: Daniel Dray

Costume Design: Georgiana Mihai

Make-up & Hair: Hazel Fearnley

© 2020 The Evil Corporation